Team Meal Reimbursements

Team Meal Reibursements in the UK are a taxable benefit. thoughtbot will pay the tax on team meals. Team meals are usually agreed in advance e.g. monthly team meetings or state of thoughtbot.

The process is for employees to pay for the meal themselves. Please do not use a company credit card. Then submit expense claim in Xero. Use the category ‘Team Meal Reimbursements (taxable)’. Include the reason for the meal reimbursement eg ‘monthly team meeting’ or ‘State of thoughtbot’. Please note that meals while travelling on thoughtbot business should not be included here. They should be categorized as ‘Travel Consulting’.

The team meal will be reimbursed on your next payslip. It will be grossed up for tax so the amount you receive will be the same as your expense claim. We no longer use a company Deliveroo account.