Parking and Transportation

Train and London Underground

If you buy an annual ticket to travel to work by train or London Underground, thoughtbot can provide an interest-free loan to pay for it, which is then paid back in installments from your salary over the following year.

Cycle to Work

We are signed up to the UK Government’s cycle to work scheme, which allows you to purchase a bike for up to £1000 through the company. (It’s possible to spend more than the £1000 limit, but you’d need to cover this yourself.) Most cycle shops are part of the scheme. You repay the full cost of the bike (including VAT) out of your pre-tax salary in 12 monthly installments. After 12 months, you must then pay a final lump sum (of 3% or 7% depending on the cost of the bike). The bike is technically owned by the scheme for the first 3 years. To apply for the scheme, go to the Cycle Scheme website.