UK Paid Time Off

This is the policy for the UK.

Annual Leave/Vacation Time

We believe it is important to lead a balanced life. You are encouraged to schedule time off work to relax, recharge and maintain good health. Every employee is entitled to take 24 days of paid leave each year, plus the bank holidays. The holiday year starts on the 1st of April.

Rolling over a reasonable amount of leave into the following year is OK.

Taking time off can affect cash flow, project schedules, and client expectations, so we appreciate being as far ahead as possible for time off of any length. Time off lasting 2 weeks or less, and scheduled at least 30 days in advance, does not require approval. Otherwise, time off must be approved. See the [permission and tracking] section for more on how to request time off.

Sick Time

Short periods of sick leave are usually paid, just make sure to discuss with your team and director.

Longer periods are handled on a case-by-case basis, and may require a doctor’s note.

GOV.UK has a guide on taking sick-leave.

Bereavement Leave

Team members may take up to 5 paid days off anytime someone close passes away. This includes pregnancy loss prior to 24 weeks. Pregnancy loss after 24 weeks qualifies for statutory maternity leave.

We understand the deep impact that death can have on an individual or a family, so if you need more than 5 days off, you can also use your accrued paid time off, or unpaid time off.