Workspace Equipment Budget

We provide a budget for teammates to maintain one workspace setup. Our intention is for everyone to have comfortable and ergonomically healthy environments from which to work.

thoughtbot also provides everyone with a computer which is purchased differently and not included in your personal Workspace Equipment Budget.

Equipment purchased after accepting an offer to join our team may be submitted for reimbursement. Please save all receipts for reimbursement.

The workspace equipment budget applies to items purchased new or used. This includes items purchased directly from an individual and lacking a standard store receipt. Folks who prefer to buy used are welcome to do so and submit proof of purchase, such as a Venmo screenshot, for reimbursement.

Americas Region

  • Up to $2,000 USD over your first 3-year period
  • This budget resets to $1,000 USD every 3-year period thereafter

Europe, West Asia, Africa Region (EWAA)

  • Up to £1500 GBP over your first 3-year period
  • This budget resets to £750 GBP every 3-year period thereafter