Recurring Expense Stipend

All teammates receive a monthly stipend to offset remote work expenses.

Unless otherwise noted, amounts are taxable to employees and intended to cover the typical business-use percentage of remote work costs, such as utilities, internet, home office space, phone plan, etc.

Stipends are intended to cover recurring expenses resulting from remote work in the home. However, you can use your stipend for any of your working expenses, including a workspace outside the home.

Your monthly stipend amount (in USD) is determined by the salary zone you are in:

  • Zone 1: $150
  • Zone 2: $150
  • Zone 3: $150
  • Zone 4: $120
  • Zone 5: $75
  • Zone 6: $50

This stipend is intended to cover the typical business-use percentages of work-related expenses. There may be atypical instances where you can submit a receipt for additional reimbursement. For example, if you make a work-specific international phone call, you could submit a receipt for full reimbursement of that specific call.

If you live in a country with a required remote work reimbursement, thoughtbot will top off your locally required reimbursement to equal the thoughtbot Recurring Expense Stipend based on your zone.