Client Referral Bonus

At thoughtbot, we value the contributions and connections of our employees. The referral bonus is intended to incentivize our team to refer great clients from our own personal and professional networks. Our client referral program rewards team members for bringing in new clients. We believe this program will foster a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship within our team while also ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Bonus Amount:

  • Americas Region: $500 USD
  • Europe, West Asia & Africa Region (EWAA): £400


The referral program begins on 7/1/23 and requires the use of a unique referral link assigned below to be eligible for a bonus. All employees of thoughtbot who are not a Director or above are eligible for this benefit. This bonus will be paid once any new client signs and pays us for an engagement. Existing clients are not eligible for this program.

You must still be employed with thoughtbot at the time it should be paid in order to receive the bonus.

A unique referral link can be generated here. This link will allow us to track and confirm client referrals.

Ran Craycraft manages this program and should be made aware of any new referrals.